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"All the ill effects and negative energies impacting and surrounding us can be eliminated by practicing Vedic Rituals and chanting mantras."
 - Shree Pramod Devkute (Guruji)


Following are some of the important rituals being practiced            by millions of people all over the world since many thousand years.


Kalsarp Dosh Shanti:  

We perform Kalsarp Dosh Shanti at Trimbakeshwar, Nahsik. It is must for removing any type of Sarp Dosh. Our results are very effective for a prosperous future.

Narayan Nagbali:

Narayanbali is done to get free oneself from curses like Pitru Shaap and Nagbali is done to free oneself from the wrongdoing of killing a snake, specially Cobra which is worshiped in Hindu Dharma.

Pitra Dosh Pooja:

When one's ancestors, and departed forefathers, have not attained moksha, to pacify them one has to get the pooja done, as the person may face problems of the evil eye, and also family issues concerning male child births, called Mula Dosh.

Tripindhi Shradha:

Tripindhi Shradha is a Kamya Shradha. It is performed to remove the Pretatva of ones ancestors. Its purpose arises, if for three years after their death, Pitra Shradha is not performed, and to clam the vehement emotions that exist.

Maha-mrutyunjay Havan:

Maha-mrutyunjay Mantras are recited to escape from the horrible action of Kal (the Lord of Time) and to avoid life threatening diseases, fear of death, problems in family, unhealthy life and loss in wealth. Our havan's are very valuable for a flourishing future.


Our visitors choose us for our sacred approach towards pooja's, and our experienced and dedicated efforts towards 'hom-havan' and shanti's.


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